How to Celebrate Easter in 2021!

March 22, 2021
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Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

Easter, another busy Holiday season where there is lots of candy to buy, eggs to decorate and lavish meals to prepare. Even though Easter might look a little different this year, with social distancing practices still in place and the coronavirus vaccine distribution in progress, there is no need to forgo all traditional activities. In fact, Team MyMalls has put together a list of ideas for you and your loved ones to still celebrate at home in a safe environment.

What is Easter?

For those who don’t know, and in a nutshell, Easter takes place on the Sunday after Holy Friday, the day Jesus Christ was crucified. It is the day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ; marking the completion of Lent, which is officially a 40-day period of prayer, penance and fasting. Easter traditions vary from country to country, but Team MyMalls has compiled a few traditions that are celebrated worldwide.

Pandemic Proof Easter Traditions

Decorate your Home

It’s Easter and Springtime, so, why not bring some of the seasonal spirit inside? We’re all spending enough days indoors as it is, so you might as well. Team MyMalls has included a few affordable ways to decorate your home this Easter down below.

Easter Basket

Perhaps the most fun part of the holiday, as you try to come up with great ideas to fill up each and every basket you have to assemble. It’s a great opportunity to let your kids unleash their creativity also. What’s more satisfying than spending time with your kids and seeing their happy faces!

Decorating Easter Eggs

People all around the world color and decorate hard-boiled eggs as part of the Easter celebrations. The egg represents new life; which coincides with Springtime.

Easter Egg Hunt

The decorated eggs (or chocolate eggs) are usually hidden throughout people’s homes, gardens or at school by the “Easter Bunny”; children will then go on a hunt to find the eggs. However, it is impossible to do this on a large scale, so keep it small. Parents, join your kids this year and make sure to use every nook and cranny in your home or yard and let the kiddos loose!

Eggs, Bunnies and Candy

Chocolate is the traditional candy of Easter and the chocolate bunny is the ultimate symbol. Other Easter candy goodies include marshmallow chicks, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs. We’ve included a wonderful chocolate assortment below of 285 pieces; perfect for baskets and as an egg filler.

Easter Brunch or Dinner

Coming together and spending time with family and friends is the cornerstone of Easter celebrations. In some traditions, a lamb roast or ham is part of the menu. As for the Caribbean, families love coming together for brunch. There are many restaurants that offer delivery on the holidays. So, why not order in? It’s hassle-free but you’re helping other businesses as well.

Easter Best

It’s basically taking Sunday Best to a whole new level. In many traditions, men and women will dress up in their finest attire for Easter church services or other activities. This tradition goes back centuries. To this day, women will wear gloves and big hats called Easter bonnets. Being indoors is no excuse to not look good. In fact, if you order something right now, MyMalls will make sure it reaches your doorstep on time!

Best Easter Shopping Tips

Team MyMalls has also put together a one-stop list of products to help make your Easter better than ever!

Bunny Hop: Easter Game for Kids, Memory & Color Recognition

This award-winning preschool game teaches color recognition and enhances memory skills. Bonny Hop encourages children to recognize colors and remember which of their bunnies pop up and which stay put. The first player to collect one hopping bunny of each color wins. It’s a great activity for kids to stay engaged and entertained; while learning how to think fast and strategize outside of the classroom. The game includes 1 carrot patch game board, 20 bunnies in four different colors, 4 farmers, 1 die, and game instructions for $19.89.

Easter Egg Hanging Ornaments

Who says ornaments need to be confined to Christmas? It’s all about adding a little seasonal cheer to your home. Therefore, Ivenf’s Hanging Easter Egg Ornaments is a must-have for Easter! The lightweight and real-looking ornaments come with springtime colors of pink, yellow, green, orange, purple, and blue. Use these egg decorations as basket fillers or Easter gifts for friends and family. You can also store them for future Springs as they are durable and reusable! This 24-piece plastic comes with the strings already attached, ready to hang so you can enjoy your perfect Easter season for only $22.99!

Rustic Easter Decorations

Decorating your house with pastels, fresh florals, and adorable accents are fit for the holiday. However, why not give it a whole different vibe? Team MyMalls recommends the Bunny Burlap Garland. Why? For starters, the rustic look is entirely different, but it’s just made for this special time! This white rabbit banner is not only a decor, but also a photo backdrop for your pictures. It comes pre-assembled and folds easily for storage. Size: 14 x 16 centimeters for each flag on a 2.6-meter long rope. It’s cute and easy to use anywhere for only $8.99.

Hershey Egg Hunt Chocolate Assortment

No matter your age, eating loads of chocolate is non-optional! So, why not choose from a wide variety? Don’t waste time with a basic bar when you can get the good stuff. This yummy 285-piece assorted Egg Hunt Candy includes Hershey’s Miniature Milk Chocolates, Kit Kat Miniatures, Rolo Candy, Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates, Whoppers Malted Milk Balls, and Reese’s Miniatures Peanut Butter Cups. Each milk chocolate is wrapped in festive Easter colors! Fill snack drawers, candy dishes, and lunch boxes with these candy classics for $23.49.

Silicone Muffin Pan Cupcake Set

Thinking about the fun treats you can make for Easter brunch? How about cupcakes or muffins? Or if you want to be more creative try baking a tart or custard. All you need is Caketime’s BPA Free silicone mold that is Food-grade. The set comes with 24 mini cups and 12 regular cups that are easy to release and clean. It has all the important qualities for a Muffin Tin Set; impermeability, durability and they are 100% nonstick! Just press your fingers to pop out your cupcake or muffin. It retails at only $16.99!

Egg Dye Kit Spinner Machine

We couldn’t help ourselves, this egg dye kit comes with a spinning machine that holds the egg and rotates it around to give you a nice clear path to decorate it with clean lines! What a fun and easy way for kids to color. Made by Augtoy, this kit comes with 10 high-quality plastic eggs and 8 different color markers. Aside from being a fun toy for toddlers, it helps to develop kids’ imaginative thinking and fine motor skill. Make sure to grab a basket and load it up with eggs of every size and color! They will make an attractive display before you hide them around the house and the garden, for the ultimate Easter egg hunt. The price is set at $23.99 on Amazon.

Amazon Easter Deals

Whether you’ve got family over for the Easter break or you’re just planning on taking it easy, make sure to look for Easter Day Deals on Amazon’s Easter Shop. There will be all kinds of deals on products all day.

Happy Easter!

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