Happy World Animal Day 2020!

September 30, 2020
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Dog, cat, fish, snake, hamster, rabbit or spider, no matter what you have, your pet is a part of your family and deserves the best care. Celebrate this World Animal Day by showing your furry friends how special they are to you and how much you love them. Our team at MyMalls compiled a list of awesome ways to spoil your pet so you can go all out! It’s the least we can all do in return for their unconditional love and loyalty.

Have a look at what we’ve come up with:

Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

It’s summer year round in most countries MyMalls operates in and the last thing we want is our pups overheating while taking a nap. A cooling elevated bed keeps air circulating keeping your fur babies cool and relaxed. Starts at US $22.99 for a size small on Amazon. Other sizes available in green or grey.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Love taking your furry pal on walks? It's one of the best ways to bond, but they need to stay hydrated too! A collapsible dog bowl is lightweight and folds flat, making it super easy to store in your backpack or pocket next time you're off to the outdoors. And rumor has it dogs love it! This is a great buy for only US $5.95.

Catit Flower Water Fountain

Speaking of water, unlike dogs, cats aren't prone to drinking enough water when it’s in a bowl. Not a good thing if they live in a hot climate, but worry not, Catit Flower Water Fountain will have your kitty guzzling water all the time! It’s a fun experience to them that keeps them also hydrated. Available on Amazon for $27.99 (available in green or blue).

DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Roller

This one is for the dog/cat mom or dad who takes their pet for a drive regularly. Let’s be honest, the struggle is real when your car is covered in fur. No matter how much you vacuum, it is still very hard to keep it clean. Therefore, we recommend DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Roller. Roll it over your car seats, couch, bed, blanket or carpet, and watch it lift all fur away. Get it from Amazon for US $24.95.

Cat Scratcher and Self Grooming Brush

The Cat Scratcher and Self Grooming Brush is a 2 in 1 contraption that’ll satisfy your cat's ceaseless demands for scratching and brushing. Just set it down in the living room and watch the magic happen. You’ll find them scratching and going under the arch to brush their back and tail in no time! This scratch and groom by Petstages goes for US $16.99.

Trixie Pet's Brain Teaser Toy

Trixie Pet’s brain teaser toy is great for stimulating small pets like rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. This snack board will have your pets using their noses and brains in order to be rewarded with yummy treats. Sold by Trixie on Amazon for only US $6.26.

Get Your World Animal Day Items in Record Time with MyMalls
We’re proud to offer fast and friendly service to our members across the Caribbean, Latin America, and Canada. Make sure your items arrive in plenty of time for World Animal Day by choosing MyMalls, for delivery in just 24-48 hours. We’ll even consolidate up to three packages in one shipment at no extra charge, saving you upwards of $60!

New to MyMalls? Welcome to the family! Check out this blog post to find out how easy it is to make your first shipment with us.

Wishing all of our members a happy World Animal Day!

- The MyMalls Team :)

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