Spooky $10 Discount on Last Minute Halloween Shipments with MyMalls! [OFFER ENDED]

October 21, 2019
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The sale has ended and again we're very grateful to welcome so many new people to the MyMalls Family. Welcome, and enjoy MyMalls everybody! Checkout our golden tricks to save on shipping and learn how to get the most out of your international shipping experience with MyMalls.

At MyMalls, we're celebrating Halloween with an extra special treat for those who are shipping their Halloween articles last-minute with MyMalls from October 19th, 2019 until October 31st, 2019!

We have gathered our favourite last-minute fang-tastic Halloween DIY ideas for creepy decorations and tasty treats as well as online U.S. stores to find your perfect Halloween costume!

Halloween Decor DIY - Festive String Garlands
The quintessential Halloween decoration is, of course, the jack-o-lantern. We know you have lots of awesome designs for pumpkin carving already, so we’ve chosen an alternative that’s quick and simple to make, especially for kids: Halloween garlands!

To get started, all you need is some construction multicolor paper or card, a ball of string or twine, scissors, a hole punch, and a few pens or pencils.

From here, you have free reign to be as creative as you like! Draw your own shapes or trace them using online templates, cut them out, punch one or two holes for the string to go through, then assemble your garland. Use push pins or tape to fix them to walls, windows, and doors – just about anywhere you’d like to spruce up your home for Halloween.

Stuck for ideas? Here are some of our favourite garland shapes:

  • Use black paper for spooky bats – or lots of colors for a fun twist!
  • Grab some white paper and cut out a row of friendly ghosts or smiling skulls.
  • Create a festive greeting in seasonal colors, like orange, purple, and green.
  • Make a mash-up of all your favourite Halloween symbols, including cats, cobwebs, witch hats, and – of course – pumpkins!

Halloween Recipe DIY – Sparkly Candy Apples
Candy apples are a beloved Halloween staple, and they’re really easy to make! All you need are some crisp red apples, granulated sugar, water, and a drop of cider vinegar. Food coloring and edible glitter are both optional.

Begin by washing and drying your apples. Then, combine the sugar, water, and vinegar in a pan and gently heat until you’ve made a syrup. If you’re using food coloring, add it once the mixture is smooth. Take the pan off the heat and once the bubbling has stopped, carefully dip each apple in the mixture.

For an extra-special twist, grab some edible glitter and dust over your candy apples before they cool. A spooky and sparkly Halloween treat – we love them!

Editors' Picks to Shop Halloween Costumes:

Editors' Picks to Shop Halloween Decorations & More:

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To enjoy this offer, there’s no need to enter a coupon code. The MyMalls wizards and witches will work their magic whilst calculating your shipping payment by excluding our MyMalls handling fee. Simply shop in the usual way and ship with MyMalls from October 19th until October 31st 2019, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Wishing everyone a spook-takular Halloween!

– The MyMalls Team :)

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