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How MyMalls is operating during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 30, 2020

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199 countries and territories around the world have been affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. We now find ourselves living in an uncertain time where we’re propelled to navigate unknown territories. Concepts like social distancing, self-quarantine and flattening the curve have irrevocably become part of our vocabulary.

In light of these changes, MyMalls wants to assure our members that our team is working around the clock to maintain the quality of services they are accustomed to. So far, MyMalls is still able to deliver packages. However, this may be subject to change depending on the ordinances that are continuously implemented in the countries we operate in. Still, our goal is (and has always been) to ship and handle all packages safely as well as timely. We therefore, kindly ask you to bare with us as we are trying to navigate the new reality we find ourselves in.


MyMalls is focused on the health and safety of our employees, associates and customers. Our head office has adopted new measures in order to comply with the government mandates of social distancing by working from home. On the other hand, our warehouse in Miami is taking extra precautions to ensure the safe handling of the packages. Protecting our employees from exposure to and infection with coronavirus COVID-19 is one of our foremost concerns. MyMalls employees wear latex gloves and have easy access to hand sanitizers in order to regularly disinfect their hands. In addition, the cleaning regimen has increased in frequency and the working areas are disinfected with 70% alcohol.


As you may know, we are exclusively partnered with DHL Express. After careful deliberations, the delivery service has taken actions to ensure the safety of customers and employees during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can read more information how the operation has been impacted here.


In order to provide the capacity and service level our members have come to expect, our colleagues at DHL are working hard to maintain a reliable delivery service to our customers. The aviation industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, which in turn has affected reductions or cancellations of passenger flights to most countries. DHL is supported by significant amounts of commercial air cargo purchased on passenger flights in addition to their own cargo aircraft fleet. Therefore, and until further notice, an Emergency Situation Surcharge to all Time Definite International (TDI) Shipments will be implemented as of April 1st in order to ensure operational continuity. For an in-depth overview of the factors that have brought on the surcharge and the mechanism as it pertains to the shipments click here .

As local governments implement new regulations and measures pertaining to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, our team at MyMalls will in turn, keep making the necessary adjustments in order for our business to continue. Moreover, we will keep notifying you in your suite environment of any changes or restrictions that might affect you.


On Monday we communicated the launch of an Emergency Situation Surcharge (ESS) that would temporarily be in effect starting 1st April 2020 for all Time Definite International (TDI) shipments. DHL is amending the ESS to be in effect starting 8th April until further notice, and will only be applicable for TDI shipments with an origin of China and Hong Kong, destined to and billed in your local country.

Life Sciences and Healthcare customers and DHL Medical Express (WMX) shipments continue to be exempt from the ESS.


Bonaire can still ship all packages a s usual amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We would like to ask for understanding for possible delays due to this pandemic.


Amazon has seemingly updated their address points. This requires you to re-enter your address information. Please refer to the this help article for specific information on how to re -enter your address.


Aruba can still ship all packages a s usual amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We would like to ask for understanding for possible delays due to this pandemic.


We are happy to inform you that the DHL Emergency Situation Surcharge (ESS) has been lifted, you can go back to shipping your packages for the price you are used to!


Due to the recent developments regarding Covid- 19 DHL has adjusted its opening hours as of Thursday September 17th from 8.00 AM - 17.00 PM. Should you want to pick up your packages in person, the following procedures apply: A maximum capacity of 4 people at the POS, a maximum of 4 people standing in line outside of the building, the drive thru service is only possible with previous request via phone with the local team or at the front counter, lastly all customers a required to wear a face mask.

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