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July 01, 2019
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Oh oh, this sweet deal has already ended. We're very grateful to welcome so many new people to the MyMalls Family. Welcome, and enjoy MyMalls everybody! With excitement, we announce a new sweet Back 2 School deal for 2020!

Vacation is now in full swing, but just over the horizon a new school year is ready and waiting! Get your family ready for new learning adventures with a special $10 discount from MyMalls!

Ahh, vacation. Sunny days, balmy nights, and endless happy memories made with family and friends. For kids, summer is also the season for freedom from school! While they might not want to think about it right now, the new semester will be here soon.

With that in mind, we’re offering a sweet Back 2 School deal for our members. Make sure to check out our 2020 Back 2 School deal in our blog.

Stuck for Back 2 School ideas? No problem, we’ve made a list of the best items to add to your shopping basket!

Anti-Theft Backpack
We love this stylish backpack from Matein! It has a three-section design with plenty of space for books, pens, and a laptop or tablet. There’s even a USB charging port to provide some extra power to smart devices. Our favourite feature is the anti-theft pocket at the back. It’s the ideal place to store small, valuable items, like a phone, wallet, and keys – particularly if the journey to school involves travel on public transport.

Academic Planner
Be organised from Day 1 with this beautiful marble-effect academic planner. While we’re not here to judge a book by its cover – or in this case, a planner – the outer design is wonderfully eye-catching. Inside, you’ll find monthly- and weekly-view calendars, with plenty of room to note down assignments, extra-curricular activities, and important dates. There’s a handy storage pocket at the back, and the planner comes with a clip-in bookmark, sticky notes ruler, and a set of planning stickers. Everything a young scholar needs to stay on track all year!

Meal Prep Lunch Bag
A long day at school requires plenty of healthy fuel; that’s why we love this insulated lunch bag with plenty of room for meal prep boxes. The slim and modern design swerves the bulky look of other cooler bags, but there’s still space to store lunch, snacks, and drinks for the entire day. There’s a small pocket on the front to store napkins and cutlery, and the handy straps make it easy to carry to the cafeteria or picnic area.

Scientific Calculator
Junior mathematicians and scientists need a reliable calculator to help them with classes, homework, and assignments. Texas Instruments is the gold standard brand, and this scientific calculator is a great choice for high schoolers and college kids. It’s slim, lightweight, and has a generous four-line display.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones
When you’re trying to study, everyday sounds can be really distracting. These noise-cancelling headphones from Sony block out potential disruptions, allowing your young academic to focus on their work in peace. The best part? They’re wireless, so no cords to trip over!

Colourful Folders
It can be tricky to keep notes and handouts tidy, especially when moving between classrooms. This set of five folders helps students to organise their paperwork, and the different colors can be assigned to specific subjects, making it quick and easy to choose the right folder in class! Prong fasteners keep papers secure, and the two pockets are useful for quick storage.

Erasable Gel Pens
Imagine the scene. You’ve written out a page of excellent notes and – bam! – you’ve made a spelling mistake. Rather than crossing it out and making a mess, there’s a clever new solution; these erasable gel pens from Pilot. Any mistakes can be easily rubbed away, using an eraser at the top of each pen, and corrected instantly. As well as standard black and blue, this set comes with 8 extra pens encompassing the whole rainbow. Color-coördinated notes? We love them!

Pencil Cube
Where will your little academic put all their new pens and pencils? We’ve found just the right place! This cube not only looks smart, but when you open it up, you’ll find pockets, elastic pen holders, and a removable compartment separator for perfect organization. Its compact size and lightweight yet sturdy construction mean that it won’t take up a lot of space in their bookbag, but it will survive even the most boisterous classroom!

The last couple of weeks before the kids return to school can be a big rush, so it’s always a good idea to start shopping early. Choose MyMalls this August and enjoy $10 off your shipping costs. We'll automatically apply the discount to one shipment made during the promotional period – why not use our free package consolidation service to maximize the savings?

Not a member yet? Click here to find out how easy and convenient it is to bring US stores to your door.

And if you think of something last minute, we’ve got you covered. Shipping with MyMalls is lightning fast! Our DHL partners can deliver in just 24-48 hours.

Enjoy the rest of your summer break, and happy shopping!

– The MyMalls Team :)

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