5 Tips to Make Your Shipping Process Smoother

November 30, 2020
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Creating a seamless member-first shipping experience is our priority at MyMalls. We are expecting a bulk of shipments these next few weeks between Black Friday sales and the Christmas Holiday rush. So, our warehouse team has compiled a few tips to ensure a smooth and fast shipping process for our members during this very busy season.

1. Preregister your Shipments!

For quicker processing, make sure to pre-register your order(s) by going to your suite and click on 'Preregister Now.’ There, you'll be able to upload the invoice(s) corresponding to the incoming shipment. MyMalls will only accept invoices in PDF format. So, make sure it’s in PDF! We cannot stress this enough! While at it, enter the tracking number together with the name of the carrier and vendor, in order for us to assist you with tracking your package if needed.

By preregistering your package, no matter the size, you’ll be first in line all the time! Our warehouse staff is able to identify and process incoming shipments much quicker with this feature.

[Tip] Be sure to upload the correct invoice. Otherwise, you’ll have to do this again once your package arrives. Visit our pre-registration page to learn about the ins and outs of this service.

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] Before placing an order, make sure to read MyMalls’ list of Prohibited Items and visit our help center for country specific requirements on customs clearing and import regulations. Countries such as Curaçao require a CRIB number before clearing a shipment. The Cayman Islands on the other hand, require a one-time authorization from our members.

2. Name & Suite Number Must Match

In order to ensure a quick and smooth transaction, the name on the package MUST match your suite name and INCLUDE the suite number.

  • Suite number — The MyMalls suite number allows colleagues at our processing center to know which incoming package belongs to you. Therefore, it’s critical to include your suite number with MyMalls’ address when you’re entering your shipping information. It’s usually indicated on “address line 2” in the Shipping Address form during checkout.
  • Suite name — Members tend to share their suite information with more users resulting in us receiving packages where the name on the package doesn’t match the MyMalls suite number. In some instances, the suite number isn’t even included. All this makes it practically impossible for our warehouse to identify package recipient.

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] MyMalls has a new address and so do you! As of November 9, 2020, we started operating from our new warehouse location. This has automatically changed in your suite environment. All you need to do is visit all your favorite online shops and change the address! Please note, your suite number will remain the same! The only thing that has changed is the address and a more efficient processing of packages!

3. Add Card to Suite (And your Fun Miles Card!)

Members can add their payment details to their suite in order to fasten the payment process. Once added, all you need to do is authorize payment when your package is ready instead of re-entering the payment details each time you ship with MyMalls.

Are you living in Curaçao? Then add your Fun Miles card number! You can easily collect Fun Miles with every shipment or pay for shipping using your Fun Miles!

MyMalls and its payment providers are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Your credit card information will never be displayed fully. We take the safeguarding of our members’ personal information very serious.

4. Consolidate 3-in-1 for FREE!

Do you have multiple packages on the way? Why pay shipping and handling fees for every single one of them? Make use of our consolidation service and save up to US $60 on your shipment! All you need to do is select the “Consolidate” button in your MyMalls suite; then select the packages you wish to combine!

Additionally, our team at the warehouse will make sure your combined package is as small as possible to help you also save on volumetric weight!

Tip: If you have multiple packages on the way, make sure to NOT pay for a single package before requesting this service. We can only consolidate packages on request. Once payment is processed, the package will move onto the shipment phase and we can’t turn it around.

Also, if you’re shipping just one package, feel free to check with Customer Support to see if we can repack your shipment into a smaller package for free!

Learn more about the 3-in-1 free combining service MyMalls offers to help you save on shipping :)

5. Christmas Holidays Bonus Tip

Do NOT Gift Wrap Your Order — We inspect every single package to make sure its contents match the product description on the invoice. We do our very best to respect the gift wrapping, but cannot guarantee it will arrive unscathed. Therefore, we advise you to leave the wrapping until the package is delivered in your hands.

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