6 Top Tips to Protect Yourself from Internet Piracy

November 27, 2019
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At MyMalls, we love online shopping! Convenience, great value, and access to the widest range of products are huge benefits.

However, we recognise that there is a danger of falling victim to fraud on the internet. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to protecting yourself from internet piracy. We want our members to have a safe and happy online shopping experience - every time!

1: Ensure Your Connection is Safe

Let’s start at the top! Before you begin your shopping adventure, ensure that both the device and connection you’re using are safe. If it’s a shared device, use your own profile and don’t save any payment information.

Access to free WiFi while you’re out and about is great, but always opt for a secure network if you need to submit any data or credit card details. Swerve all unsecured networks – it’s just not worth the risk!

2: Choose Secure Sites

Internet fraudsters know that we’re all looking for great deals. One of their tactics is to create websites with offers that seem too good to be true, or duplicates of reputable stores. Unsuspecting consumers hand over their money or private data, only to find that they’ve been conned.

It’s a horrible situation, which is why we’d always advise doing a bit of research before purchasing from a retailer you’ve never used before. Look for online reviews, and confirm the website is secure by looking for the padlock safety icon. This assures you that you’re browsing – and potentially buying – with confidence.

3: Double-Check the Description

Did you hear the story about the man who got a great deal for a rug online, only to find that on arrival, it was actually proportioned for a doll house? Or the lady who bought some leggins at a fantastic price, only to find they’re actually designed for Barbie?

Avoid an unwelcome surprise from the delivery driver by thoroughly checking the description of what you’re buying. Confirm you’ve selected the right size, colour, style, and brand, as well as any other variables specific to each product. It’s always worth investing your time before you invest your cash!

4: Protect Your Payments

The riskiest part of the buying process is handing over your payment details. Re-confirm that the site is secure, and if anything seems strange, trust your instinct. Don’t buy if you’re not 100% sure of safety.

Your credit card issuer, bank, or payment service will no doubt have their own fraud prevention policies and strategies in place, but don’t be complacent. It’s a great idea to set up a security code with retailers you regularly buy from. Failure to provide this code can flag up to the store that someone might have accessed your account fraudulently.

5: Keep Passwords Secure

We know you’ve heard this one a million times before, but it’s worth repeating! Passwords help to keep your online accounts safe, but they’re only useful if they’re stored securely. Avoid writing them down, or if you need a prompt, use a code that only you know.

Autofill makes life a lot easier, but if you’re not the only person using a device – or, if the device is lost or stolen – you’ll lose that level of security. Never give out your password if someone asks for it – a trustworthy retailer wouldn’t request it.

6: If in Doubt, Ask!

Any decent online seller will be happy to help you with the buying process. If something seems a bit strange, it can be a good idea to contact the retailer on an official channel to discuss your concerns. This is particularly true if you find a website that seems like a dupe of the official store.

It’s also helpful to ask a friend or relative to help you – sometimes, a second set of eyes can help pick out any irregularities that ultimately help to keep your money safe!

And if you suspect that a fraudulent transaction has taken place, contact your bank or card provider immediately to block the payment and begin an investigation.

Don’t forget, you can also contact our friendly customer service team if you need any help!

We wish you a safe and happy shopping experience!

– The MyMalls Team

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