Behind the Scenes with Churandy and MyMalls: Mariel's Story

May 13, 2019
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When an idea that started on paper comes to life, it’s an incredible feeling! At MyMalls, we’re tremendously proud to work with triple-Olympian and all-round Curaçao legend Churandy Martina. Helping us to look back at this awesome journey are Mariel, one of our lovely MyMalls colleagues, and the man himself, Churandy.

Let’s see how Mariel found the experience!

Mariel's Story

This whole adventure started with one of our CEOs, Chris. He’s an extremely creative man, and when he arrives at the office, I always have a pen and paper ready to capture the explosion of innovative ideas!

One day, Chris came out of a meeting with a big smile on his face, and asked us;

“What do MyMalls and Churandy Martina have in common?”

To which we said;

1. Proudly Curaçaon
2. The whole MyMalls team are huge fans!

Whilst both of those things are true, Chris offered another idea: speed. Everything clicked into place, and that’s the moment our collaboration was born.

It’s truly an honour to work with Churandy; he’s one of the happiest, most humble men I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. His positivity is contagious, and he’s been a great fit for MyMalls’ fast and friendly ethos.

Our mission is to solve a big problem with online shopping; that is, the hassle of shipping orders to your home. We strive to make our members fall in love with online shopping, by offering a speedy, stress-free delivery service. We also love putting a smile on our members’ faces, and Churandy has been the perfect match for our team!

As you can imagine, Churandy has a really busy schedule, so the entire process of creating three commercials, from brainstorming through to the final edit, was super fast. We had just a week to bring everything together, but everyone was up for the challenge!

Shooting the commercial was a fantastic experience, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing. At the start of filming, the sun was shining and everything went to plan. Then, we were hit with a sudden downpour that just wouldn’t stop! Four hours of praying for the rain to fly away later, we were back on track. The Caribbean Legacy crew, actors, and especially Churandy were all incredibly patient, and we’re very grateful for the positivity that radiated on set – even in challenging circumstances!

All of the effort was worthwhile, though. We’re really pleased with the commercials, and working with Churandy was awesome!

We had a fabulous time working with Churandy and the whole crew! Click here to read Churandy's story.

Here are some photos we took along the way, and don't forget to watch the behind-the-scenes video created by Caribbean Legacy.

- The MyMalls Team

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