Behind the Scenes with Churandy and MyMalls: Churandy's Story

April 29, 2019
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When an idea that started on paper comes to life, it’s an incredible feeling! At MyMalls, we’re tremendously proud to work with triple-Olympian and all-round Curaçao legend Churandy Martina. Helping us to look back at this awesome journey are Mariel, one of our lovely MyMalls colleagues, and the man himself, Churandy.

Let’s see how Churandy found the experience!

Churandy's Story

I’d just finished an interview for Go Weekly when Chris and I had our first conversation. He had some great ideas for a collaboration between myself and MyMalls, and I was impressed by how quick he is – sometimes even faster than I am!

The filming experience was fantastic. Something I really appreciated about it was that I didn’t have dozens of lines to learn! I’m naturally quite shy, so that’s often the trickiest part of shooting a commercial. Instead, it was a nice, concise script. I also spent time with the crew, and they gave great advice about what to do and say, so I could just go with the flow and be spontaneous!

Speaking of the crew, they were amazing; professional, fun, easy to work with, and totally focused. Instead of filming the same scene a hundred times, we perfected each take after a couple of tries. The actors were also wonderful; everyone was happy with their role and worked very hard. The only dampener – quite literally – was the downpour we had during filming! Thanks to guidance from the crew, everyone remained calm and we managed to rearrange takes to fit the schedule.

The commercials came out perfectly. I liked the American style, which was quite different to what we normally see in Curaçao! My favourite was the commercial we filmed on the track at SDK. Of course, I love running, so it was great to incorporate that so nicely into the commercial. And it was really cool to do some acting with the professionals on set. I also enjoyed seeing the reactions of people when I brought packages to their door – one gentleman initially looked a little angry, but started smiling when he saw the package. I loved that!

Responses to the commercials have been brilliant! Everyone loves them, and they keep asking when I’ll bring a package to their door. I just smile and tell them I’ll turn up one day, as long as they keep shipping with MyMalls!

I’ve really enjoyed working one this project. The commercials are beautiful, and MyMalls are doing a great job in collaboration with DHL!

We had a fabulous time working with Churandy and the whole crew! Click here to read Mariel's story.

Here are some photos we took along the way, and don't forget to watch the behind-the-scenes video created by Caribbean Legacy.

- The MyMalls Team


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