Canada—say hello to MyMalls!

May 11, 2017
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It’s a super-exciting day here at MyMalls, as we proudly welcome Canada as the first territory into which we’ve expanded outside of the Caribbean!


Being so close to their southern neighbors in the USA, you might wonder why Canadians need a service like MyMalls. Turns out, there are lots of reasons!

  • Many interesting products that are available at, simply aren’t available in Amazon’s Canadian shop.
  • A lot of small, speciality American brands only ship within the United States, or charge exorbitant prices to ship internationally—even just across the border into Canada.
  • We’ve heard from many businesses and private individuals in Canada who require reliable delivery of their goods within 24-48 hours—a need that MyMalls is uniquely positioned to satisfy!

And of course, there’s the unique benefits of working with MyMalls, including a great user interface in which to manage your shipments, automatic notifications every step of the way—from the moment a package arrives at our warehouse, to the moment it arrives to your doorstep—the possibility to save big-time on shipping costs through our free package consolidation (including 60 days of free storage), and the very best customer service in the industry!

If you’re a resident of Canada, give MyMalls a try today—it's completely free to create an account! We think that, like so many Caribbeans over the past few years, you’ll love our service and the doors it opens to online shopping in the United States!

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