Celebrating our special relationship with DHL

January 04, 2017
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The growth of online e-commerce has expanded markets globally, allowing the creation of connections between business and customers worldwide that were previously available only to the largest of multinationals. Hurdles still exist, however, and particularly in the delivery of physical goods.

The story behind the founding of MyMalls

For customers in the Caribbean, many online businesses either don’t ship to our part of the world, and when they do, the costs and delivery times can be excessively high.

This was the frustrating experience of our founder, and Caribbean resident, Chris Quast.

While envisioning how a solution could be created, he knew that a deep partnership with a world class shipping company would be required, and his first choice was DHL. With one of its American hubs located in Miami, where MyMalls also maintains its warehouse, DHL was ideally positioned geographically.

Fast and reliable delivery, with a smile

More importantly, though, one of Chris’ core objectives for MyMalls was to be insanely customer-centric, providing an exceptional customer experience in every aspect—from the usability of the online “Suite” where customers manage and pay for their packages, to the promptness and competence of customer support, to, of course, fast and reliable delivery.

That customer-culture was in perfect alignment with DHL’s own, resulting in great match as a partner for MyMalls!

“Our two companies are closely aligned in how we treat our customers,” said Pablo Castellon of DHL. “We both appreciate the level of trust customers put in us.”

In 2016, MyMalls and DHL celebrated a 98% success rate on MyMalls’s “24-48 hour delivery” promise, and together we look forward to improving on that in 2017!

Providing the best possible service

Since the very start of MyMalls, we have always been in the business of making our customers happy. Wonder how we do that, with which services? Head over to our shipping services page to find out about all the (free) services you can benefit from when choosing MyMalls.

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