DHL Express Introduces ADC: Advanced Duty Collection

December 24, 2021
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We launched the MyMalls App just last month! Customers now have quicker access to our platform and are able to manage their shipments in just a few clicks! Both push and in-app notifications will update members on every step of the process until the package arrives safely in your hands. Members have been imploring us to take this step and we worked very hard to make this happen. The app is in full effect and it’s not going to download itself so hurry!

We have also added Ireland to our member country list, our first one in Europe! It is a first step into future endeavors on that side of the pond. We have very exciting news on this coming your way in a couple of weeks time.

ADC Payment Portal

We wanted to close the year with some more exciting news! We have been working hard with DHL Express to continue to improve the shipping experience for you. You may have noticed new email notifications coming in requesting online payment while your package is still at customs. Nothing to worry about, it is DHL’s latest feature: Advance Duty Collection (ADC) payment portal.

Advanced Duty Collection

Accessible from both a mobile device and computer/laptop this new feature is what all customers have been waiting for. We are excited about the ADC payment portal, because it is in line with our core values of quick turnaround and transparency.

The platform allows easy reading and understanding of the Duty/VAT chargers, enabling the customer to download all documentation, including Duty/VAT TAX invoice, pertaining to their shipment. DHL works with the highly coveted ODD, an open source platform that allows customers to receive payment requests and receipts via its messaging solution.

There is a range of payment methods to choose from, which are country specific. Once payment is completed, the customer is able to choose the delivery options.

Portal Access

Members will receive an email or SMS notification announcing your shipment has arrived in your country of residence with the amount of import Duty/Tax payment. Click on the “Duty/Tax Payment” icon to execute payment. Once routed to the ODD landing page, all there is left to do is click “Pay Now,” but not before verifying shipment details and downloading the information, including the tax invoice. We did say transparency is key!

What is great about this feature is that the courier is able to leave the package even if you are not home or someone else can collect it on your behalf, without worrying about payment. Haven’t had a chance to make an online payment? Nothing to worry about, you can still settle payment upon delivery.

Have a Happy and Healthy Holidays

All of us at MyMalls would like to thank you for choosing us as your go-to shipping company. Be safe, be healthy and may 2022 be a year full of happiness, prosperity and health for you and loved ones. We look forward to assisting you in the future and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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