Summer Style Inspiration: All about a Wardrobe Refresh!

August 02, 2021
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Being stuck at home has sent many of us in a fashion coma; but, there are many awesome fashion trends this summer to look forward to besides oversized tees and baggy sweatpants.

The great thing about living in the digital age is hands down, online shopping. With an array of online (clothing) stores at your disposal together with a MyMalls account, anything you'd ever want is only a few clicks away.

Not sure how to crawl yourself out of fashion purgatory? Team MyMalls has made a selection of some of the best summer trends to help you find your favorite. We’ve reached out to buyers, influencers and experts at some of the biggest retailers to tell us which fashion items are this summer’s greatest fashion contenders. And much to our surprise, this summer is all about a blast from the past - ahem 80’s/90’s comeback!

Summer fashion trends to look out for

This year is also about mixing fun and practicality. On the one hand, big puffy sleeves, spaghetti straps, bustier necklines and corset waists are making a statement. However, there is no need to clean out your entire closet. Simply look for a couple of key items that will freshen up your look. To help you on your way, Team MyMalls has put together a couple of items for our members.

1. Timeless Reversible Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are all the rage right now. Made of lightweight material, they are perfect for spending the day at the beach or outdoors in the sun. Aside from keeping your head cool, it also protects your neck, ears, and face. The bucket hat is easy to pack as it’s rollable and fits in the tiniest bag or pocket. Could this accessory be any more perfect? It’s one size fits most and two-sided. So, you can wear the same bucket in both khaki and black! Hurry up and get your as it retails at $8.99 USD.

2. New Girl In Town Pleated Skort

The 90s called - the mini skort is back! This versatile day-to-night option is all about showing some leg. The high-waisted mini skort is great for nights out or daytime as it’s easy to dress up or down. Who doesn’t love 90s fashion? We know we do at MyMalls! Find it on Fashion Nova in black for $20.99 USD.

3. You Made Your Choice Boots

This one is for our customers who live in cooler climates. Fashion Nova’s stylish footwear collection will send you straight to shoe heaven with their boots collection right at the forefront! Name a better item to help you transition from day to night. This over-the-knee, 3.5 inch-block heel will give your summer outfit an edge! Available in black or taupe on Fashion Nova for $27.99 USD.

4. Just Want You Head Scarf

A silk headscarf is the superhero accessory no one should live without. On the practical side: the powerful fibers of this ancient fabric work to hold in moisture, which makes for smooth, breathable protection reducing frizz and preventing breakage and split ends. On the fashion side of things: it’s a beautiful accessory to wear anywhere, anytime! Wrap it around your head, tie it around the neck or wear it as a top! All you need to do is throw it in your bag and take it anywhere for a quick updo! Best part? It’s completely wrinkle-free! This is a great gift for any occasion. Available in navy and combination colors for $6.99 USD.

5. Business As Usual Blazer

Breathe life into your wardrobe with this blazer from Fashion Nova. A blazer is one of the hardest-working pieces in your wardrobe. It’s an easy item to dress up or down; the epitome of sophistication. Certainly a favorite among MyMalls team members. Smarten up your work-look or wear it with a pair of jeans! A blazer is always a good idea no matter what. Give your silhouette an extra edge with this oversized double fit longline cut in taupe. It’s 50% off on Fashion Nova for only $31.99 USD.

6. She’s VIP Handbag

This light blue bag will match any of your outfits, whether you go shopping in casual clothes or head out to a bar with your friends. This trendy bag will fit all your necessities, such as keys, a small wallet, sunnies, and other items. It might fit your phone, depending on the size. This bag is on sale at Fashion Nova for $16.99 USD.
This summer is all about having fun with your fashion, from casual outfits to day-to-night pieces. Make sure to check out MyMalls’ item list for some inspiration. All you need to do is place your order and we’ll take care of the rest!

Go treat yourself and update your wardrobe! Did we miss any items? Just let us know and we'll add them!

Happy Shopping :-)

Your MyMalls Team

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