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May 09, 2016
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Our mission at MyMalls is to make the Caribbean shopping experience delightful, and in that spirit, we’re excited to unveil a huge upgrade to the MyMalls website!

Easier package management

Since launching our service in 2013, MyMalls has become a daily resource for many residents and businesses in the Caribbean, and so our first goal in the redesign of MyMalls was to make the management of packages in our customers’s suites as easy and intuitive as possible.

In MyMalls 2.0, you’ll find your packages organized in a way that clearly shows where they are in the shipping process, and highlights those that require your attention.

Better email notifications

One thing we’ve noticed is that MyMalls customers love to track their packages! So that you don’t have to spend your days looking at the website, we’ve added email notifications to alert you to every change in status from the moment your package arrives at our warehouse, to the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

Details, details, details

In every corner of MyMalls 2.0, you’ll find design improvements that simplify and make working with our product as friction-free as possible, such as our redesigned cost estimator.

Optimized for mobile!

We Caribbean residents spend far more time on our smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers, and so another major goal for MyMalls 2.0 was to make sure the whole experience works well on mobile devices. Starting today, you can enjoy the MyMalls experience anytime, anywhere and on any device!

Thank you!

We’re humbled to have seen our little service grow in a few short years to become the leading premium shipping service to the Caribbean, and we have you—our wonderful customers—to thank for that. We hope that the new MyMalls 2.0 will turn what’s been a good shopping experience, into a great one!

As you begin exploring the redesigned service, we’d love to get your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue improving. You can contact us anytime directly from within your suite, or emailing us on support@mymalls.com.

Enjoy MyMalls 2.0!

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