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Meet the MyMalls Team

MyMalls is a diverse team of fun-loving individuals from around the world, passionate about the mission of bringing you the best shipping experience possible.

Alex Bendiken

Since winning the Slashdot redesign contest in 2006, Alex, originally from Finland, has gone on to design more successful products by age 30 than many people during their entire careers. Currently he leads product design and development at MyMalls.

Angelica Cotes

Originally from Colombia, Angie enjoys running, it's therapeutic for her. She's a big supporter of a natural and healthy lifestyle, the beach and going on adventures. She's kind and gentle, but don't let her tiny appearance fool you! She's energetic and always ready to get things done.

Bart Strijbos

With an academic background in private law and business studies from Amsterdam, Bart has a great affection for connecting people. With passions ranging from marketing to 80’s disco music, Bart is driven by helping start-up companies—and perhaps his very own one day!—bring new and exciting ideas to market.

Chris Quast

Printing guru, boat fanatic, golf addict and family gofer, Chris attended Technical College in Lancashire England and The School of Printing in The Netherlands. According to Chris, living in Curacao has its advantages—including golfing in the sun, racing through the sea in fast boats, and building sandcastles year-round with his kids. His life objective is the conceiving of amazing ideas, and making them come to life with amazing groups of individuals.

Derek Devlin

With a thirst for knowledge and love for learning new things, Derek rises each day with a quest to create a better version of himself. He believes that as humans, we need to continually challenge ourselves to develop and evolve, because progression is the essence of life. Living by the Golden Rule, Derek is driven by an inner conscience and personal karma.

Greg Love

Mr. Love is the grandpa at the warehouse. He always has a smile and tons of stories to share. He helps our customers with any request and will go out of his way to make them happy.

Jenah West

Jenah is a writer and editor from London, UK. She holds a BA in Economics and Politics from the University of Essex, and an MSc in International Relations from Royal Holloway, University of London. Jenah enjoys crisp autumn mornings, soul music, walks on the beach, capturing memories, and gazing at the night sky. She is currently writing her first novel.

Kimberly Rhodes

Born in Miami, raised in Curacao and speaks 4 different languages. Kimberly strongly believes in the law of attraction, and always has an attitude of gratitude. She's a fashion passionate, committed to live in a healthy lifestyle. She's very social, enthusiastic and always there to help people. Likes to spend more of her free time trading in the foreign exchange market.

Koen Strijbos

After having finished his Master’s Degree Marketing at the University of Amsterdam, Koen developed his skills at an international Marketing firm. Working with people from all over the world is something he truly enjoys. In his free time he likes speeding on his road bike, always trying to get better and faster. By looking closely at Bart’s photo, you could’ve known that Koen was actually here all along..! The good thing about being officially part of the MyMalls Team? Having a reason to come to Curaçao once in a while!

Leidy Pineda

Originally from Margarita, a small island in the Caribbean. A travel passionate that enjoys nature, loves to take long walks on the beach and good red wine. Advocate of a holistic world, namaste!

Mariël Meijst

Mariël encourages kindness, self love and creativity through hard work. She strives to make a difference in the world through offering opportunities to those that aren't able to achieve on their own. That's why she values working for MyMalls. MyMalls offers a platform to those who want to develop locally as well as globally. Mariël values getting back to self by enjoying what she loves most: Family, avocados, palm trees and some great RnB goldies.

Matt Henderson

After his aerospace software company in Germany was acquired, Matt turned his attention to consumer products, and is the lead on product management at MyMalls. A black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Matt also enjoys hiking, cycling and exploring the world’s cultures.

Max Erickson

With degrees in marketing and internet history, if Max had a title, it would likely be “Wizard of the Unknown”. He lives to catch the twinkle in a person’s eye when an insight sparks a moment of wonder, and shatters their current frame of reference. As an all-start pattern seeker, Max enjoys surfing the undulating waves of the click-stream oceans.

Oriana Berkemeijer

Oriana is a bold, yet humble person who is fluent in Dutch, Spanish, English, Papiamentu and Italian. In her free time she enjoys modeling, the beach and fashion. She is also passionate about helping others. By being part of the MyMalls team, she is able to follow her passion in making sure that you have the most pleasant and secure online shopping journey. "The best feeling of happiness is when you're happy because you've made somebody else happy".

Oscar Fuentes

Oscar is a graphic designer with a background in web, print design and illustration. Avid collector and crazy fan of Star Wars. He's always looking online for something to add to his shelves trusting MyMalls to ship it to his home. In his free time he’s part of the Urban Search and Rescue brigade in Curaçao. He is always in training getting ready to help in a disaster situation. So don't be surprised if you see him hanging with ropes from a bridge or jumping from a cliff… for sure is to help somebody in need.

Raiza Römer

Raiza is born in the Netherlands and raised in Curaçao. She's passionate about Marketing, is a self proclaimed chocoholic and loves to sing and dance. In her spare time she loves to help people by creating and leading volunteering projects — it's part of her identity.

Sameer Zavery

Sameer is a multi-disciplinary design director who loves to create in all forms. His ability to move seamlessly between the screen, print and web, creates consistent and fully-immersive brand experiences. With an international background and a passion for traveling, his design solutions have a global perspective that are in tune with today’s worldwide trends. Sameer’s deep understanding of spiritual principals and the metaphysical world helps him inspire others on his quest to design a better tomorrow.

Samiah Booi

Samiah stands for freedom of expression, love, integrity and treating everyone with respect and kindness. She’s a very precise and critical person and that’s why she enjoys reading and practicing law at the University of Curaçao. Besides her academic aspirations she has a true passion for fashion, art, beauty and online shopping. She also values celebrating the little things in life. That’s why mymalls is so close to her heart. She quotes: "What’s better than drinking wine while shopping online"?

Toine Rodenburg

Alongside a strong passion for freedom, off road travel and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Toine likes to live great and little moments with his family and friends, and spends the rest of his time on projects where teams of crafty people build great services that genuinely benefit people.