Meet Paul Miller, owner of an import business in Barbados

At MyMalls, we’re proud to work with Ambassadors across the region. In this post, we’ll meet Paul Miller, our Brand Ambassador from Barbados.

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Hi, Paul! Great to speak with you! Please tell us about yourself and your business.

Hi, I’m Paul Miller, and I own an import business in Barbados. I started the business in 2007, and run it by myself. Most of the products I import are from the United States, and I’m always looking for popular, high-demand items that are not readily available in Barbados. I also take specific requests from customers, source products, and ship them here. The first time I tried MyMalls, it was actually to ship a suit for myself. I needed it for an event the week after I made the order. The suit arrived in plenty of time, and I was really impressed with the speedy delivery from MyMalls and DHL. I’m always willing to pay for great service, so this experience prompted me to use MyMalls for business shipments, too. I’ve tried 20 different shipping companies, and none of them really clicked. Then MyMalls came along and, finally, everything fell into place. Many of my customers need their orders urgently, and entrusting this crucial part of my business in MyMalls was an excellent decision.

Fantastic! What are the benefits you’ve found when using MyMalls?

The key advantage of using MyMalls is the fast delivery time. This allows me to supply products quickly to my customers. People are always surprised at how fast their packages arrive. For example, when I choose same-day delivery from Amazon, I can guarantee that the order will arrive in Barbados the next day. It’s amazing! Because of this, I’m able to build trust with my customers, which increases the chance of repeat orders. MyMalls quite literally helps me to grow my business. I’m also pleased that MyMalls partners with DHL. I have a great relationship with the people at DHL Barbados, and it’s another big reason why I’ll always choose MyMalls before another shipping company. I started my business to help bring a greater range of products to Barbados from the US. With MyMalls, I’m able to do this in record time.

That's great, thank you! How do your customers benefit from your use of MyMalls?

Nowadays, people are always looking for ways to get their orders delivered quickly, rather than waiting for weeks. With fast delivery from MyMalls, I can provide my clients’ products without the long wait. I always have products available in stock, and so, people are inclined to come back to me.

We’re always looking to refine the service we offer. In which areas could MyMalls improve to be an even better choice for you, your business, and your customers?

It would be great to have a MyMalls app; that would make it really easy to receive updates and track orders. I’m always walking around with my phone and not always close to my computer. So working with an app would be very helpful. Value for money is also really important, so pricing must remain attractive for customers like me to keep coming back. Aside from that, I’d just encourage MyMalls to keep up with their fantastic service! I’m always impressed with how flexible and courteous the team is, and any issues are solved quickly. Great job!

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We’ll be sure to keep you updated with new developments. In the meantime, what would you like to accomplish as our Brand Ambassador?

Firstly, I’m honoured to become a Brand Ambassador. I’d like more people to be aware of MyMalls and its fantastic service, and it would be great to see the network expand to even more countries. As an Ambassador, I’ll be advertising MyMalls through my business and working to ensure that more people can ship from the US straight to their doorstep.

Fabulous! Last question – how can people find your business and get in touch with you?

You can send an email to, or give me a call on +1 (246) 254-3135. Many thanks, Paul!
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