Meet Mr. Eyoniel Wawoe, Professional Photographer

In this MyMalls Customer Story, we’re excited to introduce Curaçao resident Eyoniel Wawoe, who has established Quality Production to capture the 'Picture Perfect' moments. Learn how Eyoniel Wawoe uses MyMalls to support his exciting photography and graphic service business in Curaçao.

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Could you please introduce yourself?

Sure! My name is Eyoniel Wawoe. I’m a young social media influencer and professional photographer from Curaçao. After years of working in aviation, I picked up photography as a hobby in 2010. The following year, I decided to take it to the next level by working as a professional photographer; first in Aruba, then on the island of Curaçao. At the start of my photography career, I worked for local websites as a staff photographer, where I discovered my own style. That’s when I realized I have a great passion for concert and fashion photography. I believe in the beauty of every human being, and I see it as my challenge to capture that for you. In my years of working on the beautiful island of Curaçao, I have further developed my style as a photographer and specialized in portrait, commercial and travel photography. What started as a passion has become my career!

Could you tell us about your business?

I established Quality Production in 2010, on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao. We are passionate about capturing precious moments, and strive to deliver the best possible work by making it ‘Picture Perfect’! With each new opportunity, our team learns and gets more acquainted with different scenarios, gaining experience through creativity and daring to try new styles and equipment. Quality Production has been steadily building, with a solid foundation in the field of social media marketing and publishing. We use other social networking services, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to broadcast messages to our online community. As an advertising and promotion outlet, Quality Production offers a premium channel with an average daily base reach of 20,000+ worldwide visitors on the website, 3,253 followers on Instagram and 6,700 on Facebook. We always try to be creative during our jobs; whether it is photography, filming or promotions. We focus on our work with the utmost expertise and creative vision.

What products and services does your business provide? How many people are working in your business?

We offer photography, such as portrait session, indoor session, commercial photography, and graphic services, such as logos, flyers, and business cards.

Could you tell us how you use MyMalls in your business?

I use MyMalls for several aspects of my business. For example, it’s a great service for shipping computers and camera equipment safely. I also use MyMalls to ship supplies such as business cards – delivery is fast so I won’t have to make my customers wait!

How do your customers benefit from your use of MyMalls?

Thanks to MyMalls, our customers receive their products as quickly as possible – usually within 4 days of the session. For example, customers who arrange an indoor or outdoor session can receive a high-quality album book in just a few days.

In which areas could MyMalls improve to even better help you, your business and your customers?

I’d love to see an option for businesses to pay a monthly bill, or an automatic payment service.

How can people find your business and otherwise get in touch with you?

People can find my business on our Instagram account is @qualityproduction.official, and you’re welcome to call us on +5999 512-5193.
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