Meet Mark Phillips, Entrepreneur from Barbados

Continuing with our Customer Stories, today we go to Barbados, to meet Mr Mark Phillips, an Entrepreneur that trusts MyMalls to make his business prosper.

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Hi, Mark! Great to speak with you! Please tell us and the readers about yourself.

Hi, I’m Mark Phillips, and I’m from Barbados! I lived in Canada for several years, but moved back to this beautiful island a couple of years ago. I’m an entrepreneur, and I use MyMalls for all of my business orders. I’m really happy with the service MyMalls provides!

We’re very pleased to hear that! Can you tell us some more about your business?

I started my business in 2006, and it specializes in electronics and technology. I don’t have a physical store for consumers; instead, my business provides wholesale technical and IT products to customers by request. I also provide wholesale items for various computer stores in Barbados. Another aspect of my business is helping people without a credit card to shop online. I use MyMalls to place orders on behalf of my customers. Historically, it’s been a challenge to order from the US for delivery in Barbados. However, MyMalls provides a fast service, and my customers are pleasantly surprised when I tell them that their orders are available after just a couple of days!

That sounds great! What are the benefits you’ve found when using MyMalls?

The speed and service are always amazing. The new feature to pre-register a package, as well as the option to upload invoices, are good additions to the MyMalls service. There’s a focus on making everything much easier for members, and I like that.

Thank you! How do your customers benefit from your use of MyMalls?

People in Barbados love to shop! They fly all the way to the US to shop for Black Friday and to stock up in time for Christmas. Normally, they would send barrels with other freight forwarders back to Barbados, which can take a very long time. With the service I offer to my customers, there’s no need to wait weeks for orders. As I mentioned, my customers are always surprised when they receive their items so fast, thanks to the amazing service of MyMalls!

Yay! Now, we’re always looking to refine the service we offer. In which areas could MyMalls improve to be an even better choice for you, your business, and your customers

It would be great to have a mobile app, where I can manage everything regarding my packages in one place. I always have my phone to hand, so it would be really convenient. Ideally, an app would instantly update, allowing me to quickly upload an invoice or pay for shipping.

Thank you for your honest feedback! We’ll be sure to keep you updated with new developments. In the meantime, what would you like to accomplish as our Brand Ambassador?

Remember I told you that Bajans love to shop? Well, we really love online shopping! My main approach will be to recommend MyMalls to everyone. Even friends in Canada can benefit from this service, so I’ll make a point of contacting them, too! I’ll also promote the service to other islands, and use my online presence to provide social exposure.

Wauw Mark! Finally, how can people find your business and get in touch with you?

You can catch me by email at, or call me on +1 (246) 256-2037. I’m also available on WhatsApp, using the same number. We’d like to thank Mark for his time, in telling us about his business. We wish him all the best, and look forward to continuing to improve our services at MyMalls, so that businesses like his can thrive and grow!
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