Meet Ms. Kemonia Forbes, owner of Pisces Hair Nation

In this MyMalls Customer Story, we’re excited to introduce Jamaica resident Kemonia Forbes, who has developed her own “Pisces Hair Nation” brand of high quality hair bundles with frontals and closures. Learn how Kemonia Forbes uses MyMalls to support her exciting new hair extension business in Jamaica.

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Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Kemonia Forbes, I’m 27 years old, and I work in the hotel industry as a waitress and bartender. I love to travel and experience the culture of other countries. In fact, visiting new places helps me to get ideas to improve my own business!

Could you tell us about your business?

Sure. I’ve recently set up an online business that provides beautiful hair extensions. I offer lots of options, allowing my customers to choose the exact type and quality of extensions they desire. I’m planning to expand my product range to branded shirts and hats, which is an exciting development!

Could you tell us how you use MyMalls in your business?

I use MyMalls to ship the products I sell to my location. I then deliver orders directly to my customers. It’s important for me to have a reliable shipping service so that I can fulfill orders on time; that’s why I choose MyMalls.

What benefits do you as a business perceive in using MyMalls?

I love MyMalls! Shipping is very fast, and the communication is amazing. I also really like the option to store packages and consolidate shipments. This helps me to have everything in one place and makes receiving stock very efficient.

What’s next for your business?

At the moment, I run my business from home, and deliver directly to my customers. The next step will be opening my own location. I already see myself there; I just need to arrive at my destination!

How can people find your business and otherwise get in touch with you?

My Instagram page is and you can reach me by email at
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