Meet Rosalee Green!

At MyMalls, we’re proud to work with Ambassadors across the region. In this post, we’ll meet Rosalee Green, our Brand Ambassador from Jamaica.

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Hi, Rosalee! Welcome to the MyMalls Brand Ambassador family. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi everyone! My name is Rosalee Green. I was born and raised in Jamaica, and I’ve been living in Barbados for 22 years. I’ve worked for a car company for almost 15 years, as an HR supervisor.

That sounds fantastic! May we ask, how do you use MyMalls?

I love online shopping, and I travel a lot for work, so I often need my orders to arrive quickly – before I’m off on my travels again! For example, I needed a pen for my iPad in a hurry, and I received my order in time. MyMalls is super efficient – I love the speed of delivery! I’ve tried other companies and MyMalls is by far the best; that’s why I choose this service if I need something really quick.

Thank you! We’re always looking to give our members the best possible experience. Are there any ways that MyMalls can improve?

I’m really pleased with the service, but a lot of people in Barbados don’t know about MyMalls! It’s a real shame, so I think that more advertising in Barbados would be beneficial.

Many thanks, Rosalee!

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