Meet Trevor Ifill, Handyman and Entrepreneur from Barbados

In this MyMalls Customer Story, we’re excited to introduce Barbados resident Trevor Ifill, who has developed his own business offering a wide range of services, and depends on MyMalls to make sure his customers receive their products quickly.

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Please tell us about yourself and your business.

My name is Trevor Ifill and I’m from Barbados. I run my own business from home, offering a wide range of services like painting, fiberglass work, mechanical tasks such as fixing motorcycles, and electrical work. I’m building a portfolio showcasing all of my skills, and that’ll be made available soon.

Sounds great! How do you use MyMalls for your business, and what do you like about our service?

I use MyMalls to have parts and equipment delivered quickly, which allows me to keep my customers happy. I also choose MyMalls for shipping personal items! When I see a beautiful watch or nice clothes, I know I can rely on MyMalls to have them delivered straight to my door in record time. The key benefit, to myself and my customers, is speed. Shipping with MyMalls is seriously fast. Prices are also better than other shipping companies in the US, which makes the whole experience really efficient. I also like the customer service offered by MyMalls. The team is always friendly, and they provide quick and effective assistance.

Thank you! How do your customers benefit from your use of MyMalls?

I’m able to offer my customers fast and reliable service, which I enjoy from MyMalls myself! Everyone wants their part delivered or service provided on time. MyMalls’ efficiency allows me to give the same to my customers. This is a big plus for my business. I’m also able to provide my customers with unique products that aren’t available in Barbados. I have access to a wider range of options in the US market, and MyMalls helps me to bring a better selection to my customers.

That’s fantastic to hear! What would you like to accomplish as our Brand Ambassador?

My aim is to make more people aware of the great service and benefits MyMalls has to offer! I’d also like more social exposure, so that I can promote my business to a larger target audience.

Excellent! We look forward to having you on board! How can people get in touch with you?

I’m best reached by email ( or by phone call, text, or WhatsApp, on +1 (246) 841-1548. Many thanks, Trevor!
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