Meet Victor Cooke, Natural Hair and Skin Care Products Producer

In this MyMalls Customer Story, we’re excited to introduce Bajan resident Victor Cooke, who has established a natural hair and skincare company. Learn how Victor Cooke uses MyMalls to support his exciting niche-business in Barbados.

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Hi, Victor! Welcome to the MyMalls family! We’re excited to have you on board. Please could you introduce yourself?

Certainly! Hello everyone, my name is Victor Cooke. Alongside my wife, Melva, I produce natural hair and skincare products. Melva is an experienced instructor in this field, so it was a good choice for us to centre our business on this niche. We started our business about 10 years ago. My wife and I work together to create 100% natural products with ingredients like shea butter, rosemary oil, lavender, and all kinds of natural herbs. We love what we do!

Fantastic! How do you use MyMalls to support your business?

We regularly import raw materials from various suppliers in the USA for the products we produce. The partnership between MyMalls and DHL provides a consistently exceptional service. It’s an easy-to-use, problem-free shipping operation. We thoroughly appreciate the free consolidation service, which helps us to minimise costs. We receive all orders in a timely manner, and that encourages us to keep choosing such an efficient service. MyMalls really understands the logistics of running a business

We love to hear that! What would you say are the main benefits of using MyMalls, and is there anything we can do to improve?

There are plenty! Firstly, transactions are quick and easy. There’s no complicated process to waste time on. Speaking of which, we also save time when our packages reach this end, as we don’t have to interact with local customs – all of the handling and documentation are taken care of by MyMalls. Delivery is not only fast, but it’s straight to our door. And we can track our shipments the whole way, from warehouse to our doorstep. There’s no lagging at any point of the journey; both MyMalls and DHL are very efficient. This means that we can keep our own operation going without delay – which is great news for our customers. Finally, support from MyMalls is fantastic. We’re pleased with the whole experience. At present, there’s nothing we would change.

What benefits do you as a business perceive in using MyMalls?

The benefits are (1) the ease of online interactions and transactions, (2) time saving as we don’t have to interact with local customs and handling all the required documentation, (3) delivery to our door, (4) we can track our shipments, (5) DHL gets their packages out in a hurry, their is no lagging on their part.

Thank you so much – we’re blushing! How can people get in touch with you?

We can be found on Facebook – search for @essenceofnaturalness.

Many thanks, Victor!

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