Good news for heavyweights!

December 15, 2016
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Due to the growing volume of packages that MyMalls ships, we’ve been able to negotiate special rates with our provider—and, of course, we’re excited to pass those benefits on to you, our fantastic members!

Reduced shipping costs

Beginning in December, shipping costs will be reduced for package weights above 40 pounds, and this discount provides even more opportunity for you to save by using our repack and combine service.

Here’s an example.

Say you’re planning to ship two packages that each weigh 30 pounds. If you combine them with MyMalls, in addition to saving the $10 MyMalls handling fee on the second package, you’d save 20% on the DHL fee component of your costs.

And if you were to consolidate three 30 pound packages, your savings would increase to a whopping 30%!

So keep the potential for heavyweight saving in mind, next time you’re planning your multi-package shopping and shipping needs—which, given the proximity of Christmas and our Christmas Raffle, might well be soon!

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