Consolidate 3-1 for Free: How it Works

May 21, 2018
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Hey, don't pay for single packages if you can combine 3-1!

In general, each package you ship with MyMalls includes fixed and variable costs. The fixed costs include the MyMalls handling fee, and the DHL per-package basic fees. By letting you consolidate up to three packages for free into a single shipment, you can save up to 60 $US! (Even more if you happen to be shipping heavy packages, as discussed in our “Good news for heavyweights!” article.)

What is consolidation? Consolidation is when we re-pack multiple packages into a single package, made as small as possible, to allow you to realize savings both in terms of overall volumetric weight, and the avoidance of duplicated fixed costs.

So how do you perform a 3-1 combination? It’s easy! In fact, that’s the focus of today’s article. Let’s have a detailed look at how it works. Or if you're more into visuals, scroll down to the bottom of the page!

Step 1: Add more than one package to your Suite

As soon as multiple packages arrive in your MyMalls Suite, you’ll find a “Combine” button appear in the upper right area. This button only appears once you have two or more packages in your suite—since, well, combining a single package wouldn’t make much sense!

If you’re planning multiple purchases, you can of course take advantage of MyMalls' free 60-day storage policy to give you time to have multiple packages arrive to our warehouse in order to combine them!

Step 2: Select which packages you want to combine

After clicking the “Repack and Combine” button, you’ll be presented with a screen that allows you to choose which packages you want to combine into one.

After you’ve selected your packages, click the “Combine” button, to submit the combination request.

Step 3: Wait for us to approve your request

After submitting your combination request, your packages will go into a “Pending” state, while we review the request, which usually takes less than 24 hours during weekly business days.

Step 4: Pay for your combined package

Once we approve your request, you’ll receive a notification by email that your combined package is now available for payment in your suite.

At that point, the process continues just like a normal package—i.e. you log in to your Suite to pay for the package, after which the hard-working elves in our warehouse will spring into action to get your package delivered to your doorstep safe and sound and within 24-48 hours!

Realizing big savings through free 3-1 combination is just another way we at MyMalls are working to make your shopping and shipping experience as wonderful as possible!

So, start saving money on shipping today!

Combine Packages 3-1 and Save with Shipping
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