Introducing MyMalls Lite: Shop Light, Ship Lite!

November 28, 2023
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Hey savvy shoppers! We're thrilled to unveil our latest game-changer in the world of package delivery – MyMalls Lite! 🌟Our new small package service. Embrace affordability without compromising on quality! 🌟

Why MyMalls Lite?

MyMalls Lite is designed to tackle the high-cost hurdle by offering a budget-friendly alternative for packages with a maximum size of 10x8x6 inches or those easily fitting into our sleek MyMalls Lite box (10x8x6). In terms of weight, as long as your small package does not exceed 3 lbs, it is all aboard the MyMalls Lite express!

Speedy Collaboration with FedEx International Connect Plus Service

To make the MyMalls Lite experience amazingly smooth, we have teamed up with FedEx International Connect Plus Service. Together, we are bringing you a shipping duration of 7 to 11 business days – fast, reliable, and pocket-friendly! 🚀💨

How It Works 🔄

Once your package fits the following criteria, MyMalls Lite will pop up as a shipping option at checkout.

  • Package size under 10x8x6 inches
  • Weight below 3 lbs

And guess what? If you are into combining your shipments, MyMalls Lite is on board with that too! As long as the consolidated package meets the criteria, you're in for the same affordable and efficient MyMalls Lite experience.

Why MyMalls Lite Rocks

  • ✅ Affordable: budget-friendly shipping for small packages.
  • ✅ Speedy Delivery: our collaboration with FedEx ensures your packages are delivered within 7 to 11 business days.
  • ✅ Simple Criteria: as long as your package fits the size and weight limits, MyMalls Lite will be a shipping option.
  • ✅ Repack & Combine-Friendly: Repack and Combine away, as long as the consolidated package meets the MyMalls Lite criteria.

MyMalls Lite is your ticket to affordable, hassle-free shipping for those not-so-big packages. With FedEx on our side, you can trust us to deliver your smaller goodies in a flash! 🌐💰

Ready to experience MyMalls Lite magic? Start shipping smart today! 🛍✈️

Important Note for our Curaçao Members 🌴🇨🇼

While we're excited to roll out MyMalls Lite to make shipping a breeze, we want to give a heads up to our members in Curaçao – this exclusive service is not available in your paradise. Rest assured, you have the equivalent MyMalls Economy.
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