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December 28, 2022
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Our aim is to enhance your shipping experience from the US like never before! MyMalls offers a free 3-in-1 Repack & Combine Service that can save you up to $60 on your international shipments. To add to the savings, we have raised the consolidation limit to 5, allowing you to keep more dollars in your pocket!

  • Combine 4 packages into 1 for only $10,- extra*

  • Combine 5 packages into 1 for only $15,- extra*

*The additional fee goes on top of the MyMalls handling fee. You will save on overall volumetric weight, and the avoidance of duplicated fixed costs. You can make use of this offer in your suite environment as well as the MyMalls App.

How to make use of our consolidation service

How do you perform a 4 or 5 in one consolidation? It's easy! If you're more into visuals, scroll down to the bottom of the page for our infographic.

Step 1: Sign up and create your own US Address

Not a MyMalls member yet? You can easily sign up and get a free address in the United States, which you can use while shopping online. Signing up is completely free, fast and easy!

Step 2: Add more than 1 package to your suite by shopping online

When you've checked out at an online store, your shipment will be sent to your suite. As soon as it has arrived, you will be notified. When more than 1 package has arrived, you'll see a "Combine" button appear in the upper right area. Don't get too excited! Wait until you're sure all your packages have arrived.

Know that you can also make use of our free 60-day storage service! This will give you more time to extend your online shopping experience, or to simply wait until all your packages have arrived in order to combine them!

Step 3: Select which packages you would like to combine

After clicking the "Repack and Combine" button, you will see a page where you can choose which packages you want to combine into 1 package.

More than 5 packages in your suite?
If you have more than 5 packages in your suite, let's say 6 packages, we advice you to make 2 separate "Repack and Combine" requests so you can combine 4-in-1 and 2-in-1 packages. This way you will ship 2 packages that have been repacked in the smallest way possible, which will save you more on shipping costs in the end.

After you've selected the packages, click the "Combine" button, to submit the consolidation request. A tip from us to you: Double-check which packages you have selected before hitting the button.

Step 4: Wait for us to approve your package

Y//our packages will go into a "Pending Consolidation State" after submitting your consolidation request. This means that we are reviewing your request, which usually takes less than 24 hours during business days.

Step 5: Pay for your combined package

We will send you a notification by email once we approve your request. When you enter your suite, you'll see your combined package available for payment. Once paid, our hard-working magicians will process your package and make sure that your package gets delivered to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Want to get notified through notifications on your phone? Download the MyMalls App today!

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