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Golden Tricks on How to Save Money on Shipping

Dec 21, 2018

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Shipping packages from the U.S. involves several steps, each with their own associated cost. Although some of these costs are outside of our hands, there are some clever hacks you can use to lower your shipping expenses with MyMalls! Let’s take a closer look at our 4 golden tricks!

1: Repackaging Service for Single Parcels

Have you ever opened a bag of chips to discover that it was mostly air? Few disappointments are so acutely profound as witnessing a ratio of 10% product to 90% nothingness.

OK, maybe we’re exaggerating (only slightly!), but the same is true of online shopping parcels. Often you’ll find that an order arriving in a big box contains an excessive amount of packaging. Bubble wrap and air cushions are effective protectors, but they bulk out the dimensions of a parcel, adding to the price of onward shipping.

For example, if you’ve ordered a single item from Amazon, it’s likely to arrive in a box that’s predominantly filled with air or paper void fill. With your permission, we’ll repackage your parcel to condense its size, making it cheaper to send. And we’ll ensure it’s just as well-protected as when we receive it.

2: Combine 3-1

You might have already heard of our handy combination service, but here’s a refresher. When you have multiple orders sent to your personal MyMalls suite, we’ll combine up to three packages in one onward delivery. That can save you up to $60 per shipment!

Let’s say you’ve made another Amazon order, this time with 4 items. Each one is sent out separately and received at our warehouse. Instinctively, you might choose to combine three items and leave one as an individual. In actual fact, it’s cheaper to combine two packages twice.

To arrange a combination, simply log into your MyMalls suite and in the dashboard you’ll find the ‘Ready to pay’ section. Select the ‘Repack and combine’ button and you’ll be given the option to select which packages to put together.

If you have four packages, selecting two combinations of two packages each works out cheaper than one combination of three packages plus an extra parcel. A top tip that can save you substantial amounts of cash! Simply tick the boxes of the packages you’d like to combine into one shipment, then hit ‘Repack and combine’. Our warehouse team will do all the behind-the-scenes work, and you’ll be able to enjoy a super saving!

To learn more about combination, please click here.

3: Follow Us on Social Media for Exclusive Savings

Hey, are you following us on social media? That’s where we’ll keep in touch with you, and it’s also where we post first notice of discounts. We also have exclusive savings just for our social media followers, so let’s get connected! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4: Bonus Credits

We love to reward our customers. That’s why we offer a referral bonus to members who encourage their friends and family to join MyMalls. Once your referral has made their first shipment, you’ll both receive a tidy $25 credit!

To learn more about referrals, please click here.

We hope you enjoy using these golden tips to save money on your MyMalls shipments!

Speak soon,

- The MyMalls Team

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