What You Need to Know when Shipping Small and Cheap Items

March 02, 2020
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Make the most out of shipping small and cheap items

The growth of online retailers like AliExpress, Wish, Zulily, and LightInTheBox has made it easy for customers around the world to find great deals on items direct from Asia. However, the cost of shipping these inexpensive items can make a good deal go bad. Let’s take a look at how you can get the most out of shipping small and cheap items!

Avoid unpleasantly high shipping costs

In the fiscal year to March 2019, AliBaba – the parent company of AliExpress, made over 54 billion US dollars. The rapid growth of online retailers from Asia has given consumers around the world an opportunity to find amazing deals on fashion, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, household items, and just about every other product you can imagine!

As great as these offers are, shoppers can encounter huge costs when it comes to actually shipping their items. A $5 shirt might actually cost 10 times its sale price by the time it arrives at your door!

We totally understand that most shoppers want to try out a retailer before they make a substantial commitment. The thing is, shipping small and inexpensive items individually can be really expensive, wherever they come from. It’s not just retailers from Asia – when shopping with Amazon, marketplace purchases are shipped by specific sellers. Even Amazon itself fulfills from different warehouses, which means that a single order can arrive in multiple packages.

Use our cost-calculator and free repack and combine services

Before shipping that extremely cheap item, we always recommend to calculate your shipping costs.

Fortunately, we also offer a handy and free repack and combine service! A maximum of three parcels can be reorganized and combined into one, saving up to $60 on shipping costs. So, you can try out different low-cost retailers or purchase several single items, while enjoying bulk shipping prices. Pretty cool!

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to save money? Then you should definitely read our 5 Golden Tricks on How to Save Money on Shipping post!

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*Note that we’ll still need invoices that list a description and value of each item we ship out, alongside the customer’s name. If a retailer doesn’t provide these details, it’s best to get back to them straight away for a revised invoice. This helps to cut down on shipping delays.

If you’d like a refresher on how to upload invoices, we’ve got you covered! Simply check out the complete walk-through of our nifty pre-registration feature.

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